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  • Today, hair loss is widespread in men. Overall, there are several types of alopecia and each species has the causes of development. But the most common type is androgenetic alopecia (at men) at which about 90-95% of the total number of men suffer. Propercia has been specially developed for the activation of hair growth. Generic Propercia contains the active ingredient Finasteride, which blocks hair loss in men. You should take one tablet a day. Propercia begins to take effect after about 3 to 6 months and only then will the first successes become visible. Buy Generic Propecia Finasteride 1mg and no longer suffer from any annoying hair loss. So you can buy generic Propecia and feel the effect itself. The side effects of Finasteride are comparatively low. Please also note our medical information. However, since the drug affects the male hormones, it is unfortunately ineffective for women and must not be used.


    Generic Propecia 1mg

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    Generic Propecia is the highly effective drug, which has an effect on the treatment of hair loss androgen type in men. This type of alopecia is characterized by hair loss parietal and frontal parts. Finasteride is a medicine that can really stop hair loss. The stimulation of hair growth happens by stabilizing the hormone level. Subsequently, the metabolic processes within the follicles (hair bulbs) are restored, the cell division is normalized. If you suffer from hair loss and want to solve the problem, you can Buy Generic Propecia 1mg Online in our pharmacy.

    Use introduction

    The main indication for the use of the pharmaceutical agent is genetic androgenetic alopecia, which occurs in men in 95% of cases. The given disturbance of a hormonal origin is characterized as pathological hair loss at men. This type of hair loss occurs in the frontal and parietal scalp. One reason of decrease in density of a hair cover is excess of DHT in an organism. As the concentration of the active form of testosterone in the blood increases, this substance is accumulated in the hair follicles. The increase in the content of DHT in the hair bulbs provokes the violation of their performance, thinning and discoloration of the hair.
    On the head of the man begins to develop the small bald head. If the patient does not take the timely measures after the treatment of hormonal imbalances, the full loss of functions of the hair follicles and adhesion of the hair bulb to the connective tissue arises. As a result, the hair loss gets the stable character, the severity of the disease is increased, which calls for more active and protracted healing therapy.

    Propecia Generic Effect

    The effect of Propecia Generic is based on the active ingredient finasteride. It is a selective inhibitor of type II steroidal α-reductase. Sounds complicated, but it is basically easy to explain. 
    The hair roots of the man need a certain form of testosterone for growth and the active ingredient finasteride simply blocks the breakdown of this particular testosterone occurrence. As a result, the man's hereditary hair loss can be stopped and hair follicles remaining left to grow.
    Against the hereditary, circular hair loss in men, the drug has proven to be extremely effective and proven in many medical studies. Expressed in figures, hair loss could be stopped in about 80% - 90% of the patients. In about 65% of users even a compression of the hair was detected. 
    If you buy generic Propecia hair loss in men will no longer be a problem. 

    Propecia Generic Side Effect

    As with all chemical medicines, side effects can also occur with Propecia Generic. Due to the low dosage of the drug of only 1mg of active ingredient, however, the undesirable effects occur only very rarely and usually disappear completely again after discontinuation of the drug. 

    The following side effects may occur:

    Short-term potency disorders

    Short-term loss of libido

    Short-term enlargement of the breast

    Women and children are not allowed to take Generic Propecia. 


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